“Four things that help all students succeed as readers are (1) a passionate personal interest  (2) captivating materials about their interest, (3) avid reading about their interest, and (4) a caring mentor.  Whether you are an educator, a parent, or a student, my goal is to help you prepare and succeed in providing these ingredients to the students in your life."
                        --- Rosalie Fink

Just Released

INSPIRING READING SUCCESS: Interest and Motivation in an Age of High-Stakes Testing
edited by Rosalie Fink and S. Jay Samuels

"Inspiring Reading Succcess is a must-read for all those concerned about the test-driven atmosphere that presently pervades reading instruction."
                                ---Alan E. Farstrup, Executive Director, International Reading Association

Featured Book

WHY JANE AND JOHN COULDN'T READ-----And How They Learned by Rosalie Fink
"One of those rare books that raises and answers a fascinating question: How do some severely impaired dyslexics manage to master reading and to succeed in their life pursuits?"
                        ---- Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education